Terry Tynan Lamps & Lighting

"Industrial design has become a glamorous name...
design in terms of mass production economy instead of hand crafted economy."
- Gilbert Rohde
( USA 1884 - 1944 )

 From the moment you step into our shop, you will experience the smells, sounds,
and sights that were present in turn of the century.  From our tools and machines, to the
metals we use, you will be able to take a look back in history, to a time when
craftsmanship was an honored way of life.

   Throughout our company, we practice the best traditions of our craft.  Our mastery of
techniques yields pieces that will outlast us, and become the heirlooms of tomorrow. 
We believe that the products that we make for you will be passed from you to your
children, and on.

   Our clients ask us to create the most challenging pieces.  We execute our designs
with a practiced sense of scale, balance, and proportion.  We create pieces that pay
respect to the principals of function.  Many times a client will contact us seeking a single
piece and then commission us to make multiple objects for their home.  We provide our
clients with professionalism from the drawing to the delivery of the finished piece.

   Over the years Terry Tynan has produced many custom pieces.  Fixtures & silverware
have been produced for various interior designers’ private clients, motion pictures and
Broadway plays.  The chrome plated brass ceiling fixture shown below left was
produced for Walt Disney’s Imagineering team at the Paris, France theme park.  It is
installed at the Pixar Animation movie “Cars” display.

   His most recent motion picture commission was for Rosemary Brandenburg, the set
director for the new Johnny Depp movie “Public Enemies” which is directed by Michael
Mann.  Public Enemies is a crime drama set during the 1930s great depression. 
Twenty-four table lamps were produced for various scenes within the movie.  The movie
also stars Christian Bale & Channing Tatum.  The motion picture is set for release in
the summer of 2009.

     Metal spinning is the art of forming sheet metal disks into contoured forms of great
variety by turning on a lathe (See photos).  It is said that the Egyptians and Chinese
originated metal spinning.  Most of our present day knowledge of the metal spinning craft
has come from the Greeks and the Romans, who spun many of their household utensils from

"Spinning metal into complicated and elaborate shapes, is an art fully as difficult as any
craft, and the man is truly an artist that can make artistic and graceful outlines in metal, the
forms being made by skill and manipulation of hand tools alone"

C. Tuells 1909
      Terry Tynan was offered a position as an apprentice at the age of 15 with a metal spinning company based in his home town of Halifax in northern England.  Six years later he left the
company to complete a 4 year art and design course.  After graduating, he worked for a brief time as a graphic designer, but within 3 months he took a position at another metal spinning
workshop. In 1995 he started his own metal spinning business mainly producing aluminum and copper cookware, as well as supplying local craftsmen with their metal spinning needs.  In 2002
he moved to the USA . He has spun a multitude of custom parts for many commercial fields, in sizes from ½” to 132” diameter, using some of the most difficult materials to spin.  From
complex Titanium Jet engine parts to simple funnels.

  Today, with over 23 years experience (all his working life) and a fascination for the clean art deco, machine age movement, it wasn’t long before he started to design & produce handmade
lamps and other objects in those styles, from a small studio in Bucks Co PA.

Terry Tynan Lamps & Lighting
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