Julian Wolkenstein

Tiny little bespoke Hero outfits made by Tamara Maynes
You might guess there is more to this story........

Julian´s experience in big productions, conceptual imaging and generally making stuff happen, along with having worked on most continents on earth, Julian literally brings a world of experience, creative and technical influence and a confidence to everything he does.

Having started out as an editorial food photographer Julian quickly tired of pretty things in front of camera. Seeking interesting conceptual narrative work he moved into advertising collaborations.

After honing his skills in Sydney, the tough choice of London or New York loomed. Seeing London as wittier he chose to live in London, but work in both, with the occasional side trip to Asia.
Among others, he has won Gold, Silver and Bronzes at Cannes, the New York Festival Gold World Medal, and a D&AD Nomination and Silver nomination, and judged at D&AD.

Clients he has worked with include Citibank, Nokia, VW, British Airways, Ikea, Visa and Microsoft, Orange, Sony, Renault, Playstation, BBC, Mastercard, LA Salle Bank, and the ASPCA.

Now slightly older than he was when he started out, he still retains the wilful attitude to apply his slightly dry, surreal, reflective humour into most narratives, whilst being mindful of the collaboration. He always has a vision for and ability to add a little something to any project.

One charmed Creative said that the difference between Julian and others is that you can see the love and care taken in the images.

Recently, he has devoted more time to personal conceptual work, collaborating with some of the finest Creatives of various disciplines. He has gained notoriety with his Pony Pinup series culminating in a live interview with the NBC Today show. He has also embraced new media creating a crowdsourcing iphone app www.echoism.

Presently he works in Australia, London and Asia.