nina ahn

Kim Ji young 김지영

Three words that describe me
worm/ well /summer
(there is reason why i choose that three words. my mom has a dream about me before I born. Korean people have a their own dream of conception. but there are exceptions.)
One day she lost a way in the forest of pine trees. She walk on the way and found a well in the middle of the forest of pine trees. So she looked into the well. There is a very clear water and a Worm. A worm in the well is symbols of me. And around one year after I was born in summer. hehe It just a story of my dream of conception.
Love Worms, Love Summer , Love Well in my mind.

What’s for breakfast
Almost Home milk

Favorite moment of the day
qutting time – 7:00 PM

Dream camera
Your camera :)

Favorite city/neighborhood
seoul / well, I like my home more than anywhere

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
um.. Eurya japonica :)

Stripes, polka dots or plain
plain (but I need a stripe pattern sometime)