The Tokyo-based design collective was started in 2002 by VERBAL and YOON. Inspired by the phrase "ANYTHING GOES", they draw ideas from the many creative outlets in Tokyo to produce original designs.
In 2004 they launch the jewelry brand, Antonio Murphy & Astro®. Using 18K gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones, they designed their own comical renditions of the mainstream Hip Hop jewelry popular at the time. Their most popular pieces were the "King of Pop" pendants reminiscent of the classic Jesus pieces, and the "V" motif gold medal pendant, with the tri-colored tape, using over 200 carats of multiple-colored diamonds and other precious stones.
In 2008 they launch their second line AMBUSH®, which is more experimental using different types of metals, stones, plastics, etc., to express yet another realm of jewelry design. Their pop and witty collections caught much media exposure, and were worn by Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Solange, Rihanna, to name a few. Their diverse range of fans include celebrities and discriminating buyers alike, in and out of Japan.
When they are not busy designing, VERBAL is a Producer / MC of the music group m-flo and TERIYAKI BOYZ®, and also the CEO of Kozm® Agency. YOON DJs, does PR and design consulting for street brands such as Billionaire Boys Club® / ICE CREAM™ and A Bathing Ape®.

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