Berto Martínez

Born in Barcelona in 1973, Berto Martínez is a versatile illustrator whose wide range of interests goes from portraits, lifestyle, art, cinema, and fashion to social issues or interior design.

Berto Martínez is an portrait illustrator. Each piece contains several images of different people and somehow he manages to put them together nicely to creates a piece of stunning art work.

Berto Martínez is known for his photo-realistic style. His aquarelle illustrations are showing a wide range of interests, from portraits, lifestyle, art, cinema, and fashion to social issues or interior design. Martínez is currently based in his city’s Eixample district, his favorite as he can live and work surrounded by impressive modernist buildings. As a child, he loved illustration because it is a powerful way of communicating as well as one of the most honest resources for the artistic expression. Today, it’s a vocational affair. Martínez has not only learnt his skills from the lessons at the Llotja (arts and crafts school), where he specialized in mural painting and illustration, but he also has a strong sense of auto didacticism in many ways so as to reach his goals -his most important one being searching for the image’s function in order to apply it on different media, formats and supports. Martínez works to find the cohesion between text and illustration through realistic figuration and psychological portrait: to create images that tell a story. (

Berto’s artistic activities include regular contributions in magazines and newspapers from all over the world, plus wallpapers for shops and advertising campaigns, as well as illustrations for brands like Custo Barcelona, Zara, Alfa Romeo, Uniqlo or Clickair, Nike. Among his clients in Press media we refer Playboy, W magazine, Wallpaper, Ab magazine, V magazine, Vogue, Marie Claire, Io Donna, GQ, Max Joseph, Cosmopolitan , Barcelona Magazine, Madriz, Die Spiegel, El País and many others. 


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