Kasia Domańska

Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1972, Kasia Domańska studied at the Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she graduated in 1995.

Works affirming the fleeting beauty of life, full of sunshine and colours suggest thoughts of the eternal but often forgotten union between man and nature. It is brightness, joy, day and life, creating an idyllic climate

Young Polish painter Kasia Domańska’s first solo exhibtion in New York takes place at the Gallery 532 Thomas Jaeckel. With fairy-tale like colors contrasting and blending into one another, mixed the sunshine, the artist creates a work of purity and balance which does not give rise to worry or confusion, but peace and calm. The force and the power in her compositions is the light, it plays a decisive role in the theme as do the mood and balanced composition. The artist adds,

    I look out on a summer’s day, a beach where we can daydream freely, where we look at the sky and we notice more than we do in everyday life. Everything seems easy, light and pleasant. We contemplate..

Her works seem to transform into living forms, pulsating with vital energy, life-giving, a place where everything is go with the flow, forgetting schedules, rushing and stress, uniquely capturing reality at its most fleeting and temporary. The affirmation of nature and life becomes the background for a symbolic celebration of emotions, moods and reflections. Behind the literal meaning there is another, hidden meaning, which the artist allows to speak freely. fuente: culture.pl

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