Roby Dwi Antono

illustrator and graphic designer
He is a young artist, born in 1990 in Ambarawa, Semarang, working in Yogyakarta on Java in Indonesia. He appears to be autodidact and inspired by the Pop Surrealist movement, which in turn was inspired by what could be called Victorian surrealism. His illustrations have a very high ‘cute-factor’. Your work is heavily influenced by masters like Mark Ryden and Marion Peck.

You may find similarities in Victorian art with hybrid-creatures of animal (typically rabbit) and child, often in combination with trees and weird props. The objects and creatures in his images are juxtaposed at strange scales, with for example trees growing on top of a rabbit-child’s head. We can see hints of masks, alter egos or homunculi (the creature inside the creature, recursively) and alchemical literature with tribal and shamanistic magic.

Technically, his works are exquisite pencil drawings sometimes complemented with painting for colouring. He seems to willingly get dragged into his drawings,©almost as a form of meditation, from his first sketches to the light finishing touches.

His works has been featured, for example, in Elle Indonesia, Nylon Indonesia, Fur Zine, Womagz and Art Attack. If you happen to be in Jakarta July 26-29 2012, you may find his work at the Bazaar Art show.
Roby Dwi Antono  

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