You Are So Overrated (Chini)

  Hey I’m Chini. Spiritual leader, omnipotent owner and mentor of You Are So Overrated. I started my career as an overrated art director in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
After my overrated success in the advertising world, I decided I had enough and left to Barcelona, a beautiful and overrated city. One year later I published a photography book called Melancolia.

In Barcelona I founded Aäb an overrated arty-design group together with two friends. Aäb developed different kinds of work such as videos, illustration, toy design, vjeying, workshops and worked for SCPF on low cost airline, Vueling desgining their cloud, which became the icon of the brand.

In 2006 I left Aäb to try something more personal.
I started to shape up You Are So Overrated. In the meantime I self published an illustration book called Cuccioli Encatenati featuring former Aäb members, Paula Castro, Petra Hiebler, Ombrebueno and musician Earzumba.

Since 2006 I've been working as freelance art director and illustrator for production companies, agencies and focusing in self produced personal projects, doing videos, animation, illustration. design and graphics.

I directed videos for Mueran Humanos (Berlin), Fede Cabral (Buenos Aires), Fred Lorca (Buenos Aires), The Divine Comedy, Flor Brarier (Buenos Aires) and Les Sueques (Barcelona).
I did live visuals for Bradien (Barcelona), Earzumba, Mueran Humanos and Fede Cabral.

Also I documented Mueran Humanos first US Tour, shoting in New York, Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

In 2010 I was part of a documentary project together with musicians Vitor Patalano and Juan Pablo Gariglio. We went for a whole month to Ushuaia, on the very end of Patagonia, on a shack in front of the sea, to record an album there.

I co-founded an online radio with Eduardo Quintana in Buenos Aires, called Radiolabel, being in charge of the musical sellection and band scouting for our Label section.

I worked for production companies such as Boolab (Barcelona), Amautalab (Buenos Aires), Amautalab (Los Angeles), Hombre Cosa (Buenos Aires) Bestia Peluda (Spain) TV Flaix (Spain) and 3DN (Buenos Aires).
Agencies such as Santo (Buenos Aires), DoubleYou (Spain), El Sindicato (Spain), SCPF (Spain), Carlitos y Patricia (Spain), Vice (Spain), Furia (Buenos Aires), Cielo (Buenos Aires).

I worked for brands such as Camper (as a direct client), Yahoo, Vice, Jagermeister, Pepe Jeans, Coca Cola, Scion and Fox.

I also teamed with scenographer Eugenio Szwarcer for the video design of the opera "Amb els peus a la Lluna" directed by Paco Azorin in 2010 in the Teatre Lliure, and in early 2012, we worked in the video design for the play "The Merchant of Venice" directed by Rafa Duran in the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

Somehow for the last years I found myself flying between Barcelona, Berlin, the US and Buenos Aires, getting involved in lots of projects realizing that moving a lot, interacting with different people and trying things in different disciplines all the time is an important part of my life philosophy, what makes me happy and also makes me spend lots of money booking flights.
Well, now you have a pretty good idea of what You Are So Overrated is all about.
Enjoy the Crisis!


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