Lobulo design


I realised what I wanted to be when I grew up, while shopping with my mother at the supermarket. I would always make her pick the cereals for the picture on the cover, rather than for what was actually inside. Naturally, I ended up studying graphic design and marketing, learning that there's much more to a computer than just playing pacman.

A variety of unique, creative collaborations, as well as more than 8 years experience of working for various graphic design and marketing studios in Barcelona, have meant that I have filled the streets, and a few hard disks, with my designs, illustrations, editorial projects and concepts. Small or large, formal or informal, but always expressing emotions. Always sending out a message.

If you've got this far, and read all of this, then maybe you're interested in contacting me. You can do so 24 hours a day (although I might not get back to you till 10 the next morning) by sending me an email design@lobulodesign.com.

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