Sarah Muirhead

Born 1987, Glasgow.
Based in Edinburgh, Super Club Studios

On Mass I see people as being unintelligent, apathetic and brutal but independent of audiences and peer groups people are complex, capable and fascinating. Finding subjects who represent this on an intimate level is the goal of my work. They aren’t chosen because they are different or ‘other’ although I am definitely naturally drawn to people who tend not to blend in, but because they reflect something I see in myself. Transient connections between strangers are fleeting and largely unrecorded but I hope to catch some of that sense of inexplicable connection. These connections can be unexpectedly revealing or touching because they are unintended in a culture where we tend to be suspicious of the unfamiliar without the right filters. I like the idea of taking something instantaneous and representing it with a level of detail that takes time, intense scrutiny and care so that the finished image is not idealistic or forced but truthful and reflective. The contrast between translucent flesh and block colour, regular and irregular patterns are a reflection of the mix of references and surroundings which inform the work.'

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