Ryan McGinley


Ryan McGinley was born in 1977 in Ramsey New Jersey.
McGinley has created a varied body of work encompassing themes such as, skateboarders, musicians, graffiti artists and candid portraiture.In his early work "His subjects are performing for the camera and exploring themselves with an acute self-awareness that is decidedly contemporary. They are savvy about visual culture, acutely aware of how identity can be not only communicated but created. They are willing collaborators".
McGinley had his first public exhibition in 2000 at 420 West Broadway in Manhattan. His first book of photos, The Kids Are Alright (2002), was handmade and distributed to people he respected in the art world and was also sold at the exhibition.
Ryan McGinley's style evolved from documenting his friends in real-life situations to creating settings where the situations he envisions can be documented.
McGinley shoots in 35mm film his photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. He has had solo shows at MoMA P.S.1 in New York (2004), in Spain at the MUSAC in Leon (2005), and is featured in public collections in the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.
In 2007 McGinley's exhibition, Irregular Regulars, at the Team Gallery in SoHo was critically eclaimed.
"McGinley recently went on a two-year road trip, traveling to dozens of Morrissey concerts in the US, the UK, and Mexico. The resultant photos, many of which are densely saturated in the concerts’ colored lights, feature candid shots of fans, regularly zooming in for seductive close-ups of enamored youngsters—a celebration of the ecstatic cult of fame and its ardent enablers."
In 2008 he exhibited, I Know Where the Summer Goes, also at Team Gallery.
"But his favorite subject remains youth, as his 2008 exhibit, "I Know Where the Summer Goes," proves. In the collection, McGinley's troupe travels the country as he photographs them, sometimes clothed and often not, while they leap fences, lounge in a desert and play together in a tree."
fuente: http://www.artlyst.com/Ryan.McGinley

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