Tim Flach

Tim Flach is a professional photographer who takes photos mostly of animals that include horses, bats, pigs, monkeys and others. Renowned for his highly stylized animal portraits, design and detail dominate his visual style. Tim Flach's photos have been featured in publications such as Creative Review and Stern Magazine and he has won many international photography awards which include the Association of Photography and British Design & Art Direction Awards.
Tim Flach and his photography project Equus has established him as a top horse photographer.
Tim Flach's bestiary evokes pathos, humour and an unmistakably intimate human empathy. Not only do we begin to find supposedly repellent creatures charming, but discover a sympathetic vulnerability, an unexpected lightness and humour in their gestures and attitudes, as if putting on a performance for our benefit in a readily accessible comedy of manners all their own.
"You can never predict an animal's mood" - says Tim Flach - "so you have to plan beforehand to get what you want." For example, the temperature in the studio often has to be carefully adjusted before animals feel comfortable. Some may need their handler's presence nearby. Most small creatures are easily intimidated by the mere height of a man and must be raised to an equal leve. Some like music, while others are distressed by noise. Sometimes Flach and his studio team must work together, like a circus animal trainer and his assistant, to achieve the required response.

fuent: gallery2c.com