ZOO BOOK by Yago Partal


Photographer. After studying Fine Arts in Barcelona, with a specialization in Visual Arts, Yago Partal undertakes a project with Manel Soto; the creation of a Visual Arts Studio. They spend six years working for brands and companies like Filmax, Chesterfield International, Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Canal +, and doing some editorial work for fashion brands, as well as submerging themselves in a more artistic environment with several exhibitions showing more personal projects.

After this period, he decides to move away from the design and illustration sector to focus only on photography. He teaches photography at Iki Make Up School by Giann Franco Auditore, but also starts his own studio, including fashion and personal series. He becomes a member of the Special Effects company DDT (Oscar for "Pan's Labyrinth") where he plays a creative role using photography and photo retouching to design and generate pre-visualization materials that show the potential finished effects for movies like Almodovar ' s "La Piel que Habito" or J. A. Bayona ' s "The Impossible".

Now, at the age of 29, he is still working at DDT and doing editorial work, as well as making conceptual photo series of a more personal nature.