Madeline von Foerster

"Madeline von Foerster is a very gifted and highly original artist, who brings new imagery and a novel approach to conservation -- which we need." - Edward O. Wilson

To create her unusual paintings, Madeline von Foerster uses a five century-old mixed technique of oil and egg tempera, developed by the Flemish Renaissance Masters. Although linked stylistically to the past, her paintings are passionately relevant to the present, as such timely themes as deforestation, endangered species, and war find expression in her work.

Von Foerster's artworks are in collections around the world and have been featured in numerous publications, including a recent cover feature for Orion Magazine. She was named as one of the "Top Contemporary Surrealists" by Art and Antiques magazine. Born in San Francisco, von Foerster studied art in California, Germany and Austria, and currently resides in New York City.