Renaud Marion

 “When I was child they promised us that in the future there would be cars flying,” says Renaud. It’s hardly a generational experience, though- who doesn’t remember thinking there could be flying cars in the not-too-distant future? The Jetsons are probably the most famous users of this fabled transport, but who can forget Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun? Renaud goes on: “It could be be that I looked too much at Blade Runner, Back to the Future or Star Wars…”

That’s what makes these images so striking. It’s not just the fact that they appear to be hovering, but the actual cars themselves. “I did many tests with many kinds of cars, but in the end it worked better with these old cars,” Renaud says. “And that corresponds more to the dreams of my childhood.”

As you can see the futuristic designs include a Jaguar XK120, Cadillac DeVille, Chevrolet El Camino, Chevrolet Camaro, Mercedes-Benz 200SL and a 300SL- Renaud’s personal favourite. “In the tests which I made, I have an image of me leading the 300SL- without wheels of course!”

“I like the cars for their design,” he says, “but I would like deeply that we move to another technology.” Clearly if we’re ever to move on to having hover cars like this, the internal combustion engine is not the technology to do it. In all likelihood of course, even new electric technology isn’t bringing us closer to the dream of a flying car. Especially none as beautiful as these.

As for how Renaud went about making the images- it really was a case of just finding parked cars. “If their background is interesting I keep it. If not, I seek other decorations which correspond with the light of the car.” There’s certainly a very eerie look to these photographs.

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