Rainer Torrado “Horizon”

Rainer Torrado was born in Madrid in 1983 with Spanish nationality. In 2007 Rainer moved to Paris and started shooting for Jean Paul Gaultier.

After graduating from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid in 2010, where he acquired an eye for composition and improved his art skills, Rainer fully committed with fashion photography due to his interest in this art form and a growing number of commissions.

Besides working closely with well known fashion designers and industry newcomers, Rainer regularly contributes to Harper's Bazaar Korea and Neo2. He has also collaborated with British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, Vogue Paris, Gentleman Magazine, Vanidad, ODDA Magazine, Woman Madame Figaro or Spanish V Magazine among others.

As a photographer, Rainer also develops his personal work with the ongoing series Horizon, which he describes as 'a black and white, minimalist approach to male beauty'.