As a Graphic Designer by trade, my goal is to use my talents to communicate, and influence the world around me. To find visual solutions, inspire, or simply brand. Graphic Design is far reaching. It is process and product. It surrounds us. Having been in the field since 2002, I have found a passion for the medium. Vector based graphics in particular. Knowing first hand the work it takes to produce an image that harnesses emotion, I decided to use the same tools to create a visual vocabulary and build a body of work around it. Using layout, color theory and gestalt principles as my foundation.

Vector Sector is my celebration of these ideas.  Including influence from Futurism, Cartoons, Street Art and Urban Vinyl: this is my current body of work. I want to create and capture a moment, in these cold futuristic landscapes, that makes the viewer anticipate the next. Populated only by these characters that are pursued by, or forever engaged with an outside force. Leaving the viewer to find their own resolve.
    In a constantly changing world, where we are surrounded by media, technology and means for instant gratification, we lust for speed, violence, noise, and experience the constant jarring background of stress. Curiosity leads us to the fight or flight instinct we all poses.  These compositions are a reflection of those feelings.