Csilla Klenyánszki

My work is photography based, however I find it important, that step by step I start to use other media as well. My process is quite intuitive, which starts with a fascination about a certain form or function.

I usually build different kind of sets or installations, mostly still lives, which is captured at the end. It’s an organic progress, even though I mainly use objects. At first the pictures look traditional, they might refer to surrealism, dadaism or even to classical still lives, as the hand-built images are carefully stylized. However if you have a closer look, you can see, that they usually contain simple objects of our daily lives.

I try to approach everything as a child, without any prejudice with fully opened eyes. It is all about looking for hidden possibilities related to form and function and my own fantasy. My inspiration is my house and my environment, which becomes a playground.

I like to work with common objects, discover their possibilities, give a new function for them. I try to play with the borders of the non-sense; something that looks foolish at the first place, can always find its right place at the end.

The final goal is to find and create an image, that is unusual but familiar at the same time.

Even though I usually work in series, all the images can be seen as individual works as well. The series are also ongoing projects, as I see my work as a process of observation.

I work within a specific subject, but I am on constant development. I try to understand how different objects work, how they interact, what kind of meaning they have, how I can integrate their meaning in my work. As I said my process is quite intuitive and organic, therefore it is actually creating its own world and this world is extending with each new work.