Sebastian Schramm

German photographer/art director Sebastian Schramm has some great still life photographs in his portfolio. Shooting a lot of random objects, his props are very well chosen and perfectly captured.

After some years assisting in photo studios in Frankfurt Sebastian Schramm (1975) studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt where he finished his undergraduate studies in photo design and attained his diploma in communication design.
When we talked to Sebastian he told us that the free work he does is compensation for the specific targeted work he does in his design agency Schramm Kommunikationsdesign. Schramm:
"Using my skills I try to express what moves me personally. That is very important for me. People are strange, we all are. I always wonder about our behavior and about what we are doing and how. In my work I’m trying to shed a spotlight on this. There are so many strange things and weird behaviors around me. I put them on a stage so they can tell their own story."