Armando Branco

. Armando Branco 
His blood is mixed with Dutch Frisian, Italian & Swiss blood.
 (1977) born in the oldest city in the Netherlands: Nijmegen. His childhood was not colourful or artistic .... you could call it standard or conventional. Both parents were far away from any artistic expression, but stimulated their eldest son. Armando could spend hours drawing, but decided at his 17th to focus on photography.

At 18 he began studying at the Art Academy of Utrecht. In 2000 he graduated as the youngest male student of that year with a degree in Photographic Design (fancy word for Photography). His career began very fast after his graduation, but Armando quickly felt lost. Some setbacks made ​​sure that he withdrew himself to be able to focus on the near future.

His work is largely inspired and dedicated to the 'in between' moments ... Moments where the climax of the emotions still have to come. Armando doesn't go for the big emotions / feelings, but rather for the small emotions that arise in any form of interpersonal contact. His palette ranges from tight commercial images to raw personal (even diary-like) images. The homosexual angle is also not forgotten in his visual language. Without any visual language .... we are nowhere .... Everyone needs context or reference to himself or herself in contemporary society

Armando has been publishing for years over almost the entire world: in print (magazines) or digital platform.
He hates and loves his own profession. Truly the sky is the limit.

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