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Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist 
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Her cross-stitch tattoo designs look like a cross between pixel art and the popular folk art they’re named for.

Many people consider cross-stitching to be something their grandma would do, but Eva Krbdk, a tattoo artist based in Ankara, Turkey, seems to think otherwise.

Many of her pieces are simple and cute, but with a large-enough canvas, they can become truly impressive, utilizing a wide array of colors that blend to form beautiful images. She’s not a one-trick pony, either source

Turkish tattooer Eva Krbdk combines craft and body art with her unique cross-stitch tattoos. The intricate and often-adorable designs are composed of small, x-shaped “stitches” that form an entire portrait or scene. Krbdk also goes against the norm to produce eye-catching results. Unlike your typical tattoo, a cross-stitch pattern doesn’t normally include dark outlines in its imagery. Instead, it uses color and shape to imply form.

Despite this simple motif, Krbdk comes up with some complex compositions. She has permanently inked portraits of Darth Vader and Marilyn Monroe, in addition to colorful flowers and cute animals. Her technique is an interesting choice that merges two separate art forms, in which both utilize needles as critical tools. It’s a fantastic and contemporary take on the timeless activitysource

Check out Krbdk’s Instagram to see more of her tattoos. She works within multiple styles, including some watercolor, stippling, and pixelation.