the quiet revolution

I Graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2006 with an MA in Communication Design and in 2004 from London College of Communication with a BA hons in Graphic and Media design: Illustration. I have been working freelance ever since. My clients include: New York Times, The Guardian, Penguin books, Random house, Howies, Wallpaper* magazine, Velux, Asda and universal records. Working across many disciplines using drawing, painting, photography and digital collage as my main process I also frequently enjoy collaborating with other creatives including furniture maker D.H.Painter and fellow illustrator Susie Wright.

Inspiration for my self initiated work often comes from my everyday surroundings of the metropolis and its relationship with the natural world. I love 50’s, 60’s and 70’s architecture particularly tower blocks with their form and location, this is where I also find the connection to nature and natural patterns in the environment of interest.

I have a geeky obsession with science fiction books, TV and films. I am fascinated by the play of ideologies in the utopias and dystopias of science fiction, the creation of landscapes and societies where the impossible is made possible.

My work displays a mix of strange utopian worlds and parallel universes with juxtapositions of the unexpected, playing with scale and narrative.

Some things I love:

The ever changing magnificence of clouds, stars and the moon in the night time sky. Not seeing the wood for the trees in a forest. Going to the zoo and seeing happy animals. Finding mushrooms. A blue tit making a decision. The fact that squirrels look like men in squirrel suits. Finding nice feathers.

Some things I don’t:

Cold windy rainy nights during winter - poor birds. Not seeing the wood for the trees in a forest because of having hay fever for 60 percent of the year. Going to the zoo and seeing bored animals. Eating mushrooms. The decision being made for the blue tit. People saying squirrels are rats with fluffy tails. The possible reason for feathers on the floor.