C.J. Yao


CJ recently graduated from womenswear Central Saint Martins in London. Her collection has been selected and shown successfully at the Press Show 2012.

 Wood Be?

The collection is named “Wood Be”, which is grounded in the combination of creating tubes, lines, strings, fringes, as well as waves in different visual ways. Such as I was inspired by some ancient musical instruments, I transfered them into the forms of knitting and crochet. They were used as the connection between wood and fabric. The collection also aims to explore the idea of using natural alternative material as the primary source, such as wood, which is one of the most treasure ways to communicate with the nature, and to refine the traditional techniques of wood and crafts to fit into the contemporary look is one of the goals as well.

Each of the unique pieces represents my personal impression of ideal women who “wood be” the arrogant and limpid poets and they seems to be hidden into my protection (garments) subtly sometimes.

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