Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

Japanese sculptor Yoshimasa Tsuchiya works with wood to create life-size majestic creatures conjured by his imagination.

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts majoring in woodcarving and after four years, he completed his doctorate degree. For one of his projects, he decided to create life-size sculptures of various mythical beings from Japanese folklore. Some of the creatures that he creates are also inspired by his own dreams. The sculptures are simple yet they give off a certain mystery. The series challenges viewers to examine their own private myths when viewing the sculptures.

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya goes through a rigorous process to complete a sculpture. A template is first created and then fitted on a block of wood. Afterwards, a saw will be used to remove the excess wood – this is where the sculpture takes shape. After more carvings and sculpting, the piece of wood is then sanded to smooth out the surface. Plaster and paint is then used to finish the piece of art.

“I think that mythology is a series of allegorical stories referring the origin of a group of people. Regardless the historical facts, mythologies are always taken over from generation to generation so that we maintain our connections to each other. And I believe that it even exists in our private relationships.” – Yoshimasa Tsuhiya

Let’s take a look at some images of his sculptures:

Information for this article was taken from Sweet Station, Arrested Motion and Yoshimasa Tsuchiya’s website.

written by jeanmendoza


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