biel capllonch

Born in Mallorca in 1964 and currently based in Barcelona, Capllonch obtained a Fine Arts Degree before dedicating his crafts to advertising and fashion photography. Needless to say, practice attracted him more than theory. Since then, he has produced some of the most successful campaigns for brands and magazines both in his native country and abroad, alongside a great amount of personal work for art shows.

Imaginative and intuitive, Biel Capllonch is quite reluctant when asked to provide specific answers about his leitmotif. “Justifying my pictures through continuous conceptualizations in order to find a place in the art market is not my thing”, he emphasizes. In contrast with the majority of his colleagues, who pursue a career in fine art photography, Capllonch still preserves the mentality of an unconventional loner who finds it much more challenging dealing with the ups and downs of commercial assignments than frequenting gallery venues


Biel has exhibited his work galleries and museums in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca  London, Perpignan and Arles. Other prestigious venues that have housed his work: Musseum Hasselt, CRAC (Alsace), MUSAC (Leon), and the reknowned ParisPHOTO festival.

Some of the publications Biel has collaborated with: WAD, Fanzine 137, Creator, Suite, El Paseante, Cutuur, Magazine, Elle-Rusia, El Pais, Eyemazing, Idomenée, Club.Arts & Lounge and Metronom.

His advertising commissions include work for clients such as Ikea, Panasonic, Sonar, Vodafone, FAD+Laus, Audi, Mandarina Duck, Adidas, Nike and Dewars.

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