Frieke Janssens

Her story begins in Bruges, Belgium, in 1980 where she was born. After starting with evening classes in photography at an age of 15, she skipped the pilot or police on a horse option. Photography was her future. While studying photography at Sint-Lukas Brussels she was mainly interested in lifestyle, sociology and stereotypes, because she felt like she was living in two worlds.

After graduating in 2002, Frieke immediately started with commissioned work, where she tries to tell a story that’s fascinating and mostly avoids the clichés, or use them very consciously. She's inspired by different things from paintings, comics or even a real estate website, and works with an eye for detail, humor and surrealism. Her pictures are how she imagines subjects in her head. Frieke loves the variety of working for cultural clients (FC Bergman, TAZ, ...), editorial clients (DSM, Goedele, ...), big clients (Renault, Nestea) smaller clients (Gaia, De Morgen, ...) & last but not least her personal work. From working alone to a big team back to lonesome.
Frieke Janssens's  photography is unique and special from every point of view and you don't have to be a pro to understand it, thats for sure. some people may call her ‘weird’,  or even crazy, but trust me when i say , that these images have a great concept and idea behind them and you realize it at every single photo. she earned that right also, with the marvellous work for the antismoking campaign she did, by using as central character the childish innosense. just brilliant. check her website and find her on facebook, or try to call her. in any way you have to meet her.                                cheers mate.

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