Erik Mark Sandberg

1975 born in Farmington Minnesota (US) 2003 BFA at Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena / currently living and working in Los Angeles

Drawing from contemporary consumer culture and its psychological effects on those most susceptible to the relentless bombardment of mass marketing - the young – Sandberg’s paintings, and sculptures create an uncanny portrait gallery of hairy adolescents.

The grotesque hirsutism of Sandberg’s subjects serves as a metaphor for the perversion and exploitation inherent in contemporary consumer culture and the double-edged promise of overnight fame epitomised by Los Angeles.

Sandberg describes his work as beginning with “observations of daily life, whether it’s a story in the news, [or] some dysfunctional family I see walking through Kmart.” His hairy adolescents were conceived of amidst alarmist news reports of tap water contaminated by prescription drugs, Raunch Culture fueled promiscuity and schoolyard addictions to Flaming Hot Cheetos. The nostalgic pop culture icons are autobiographical references to growing up with Wrestle Mania, GI Joe, He-Man and other manifestations of eighties materialism and idolatry, while the neon palette forms an assault on the senses akin to the “constant rotting of fruit in the sun.” Yet Sandberg’s hairy children manage to be surprisingly endearing. fuente: