Find Momo

 Momo, a black and white border collie, is not specifically adapted to blend in with his surroundings, but he sure does a good job of it as Instagram users are finding out.

A feature by Mashable about the viral craze describes #FindMomo as “the real-life version of Where’s Waldo?”

Momo’s owner Andrew Knapp, an Ontario-based graphic designer, takes photos of the dog, which he said frequently hides himself in the landscape, and posts them online via Instagram for everyone’s enjoyment.

“I love taking photos of these landscape and streetscapes, but without a subject or a sort of quirk, there was just nothing really interesting about them,” Knapp said, according to Mashable. “With Momo in them, you’re forced to look at the photo for at least a second or two.”

Sent into the world billowing with positive energy and an urge to hug everyone, Andrew (herein referred to as aok) makes the most of what he has, and uses it to explore the limits of his capabilities. With a keen sense of adventure and an undying desire to challenge himself, he explores the world from the shoulders of giants. Those giants are his artistic colleagues, friends and family, and they're not real giants. He's deeply into design, illustration, photography, music and passionate people, and appreciates the beauty in everything, including failure.

aok is the lead designer at rareview, has a degree in Graphic Design from Cambrian College in Northern Ontario, has taught at Algonquin College in Ottawa and at Cambrian College. aok is grateful for having the opportunity to work with a number of wonderful clients including Oracle, FedEx, mini USA, Sony and Walgreens. He otherwise freelances and barters his capabilities to various clients around the world. He's always looking for great or absurd opportunities, so send him a message right away.

See if you can spot Momo in these photos: