Miss Salopette


My name is Mery Sinatra, but you can call me Miss Salopette.

I'm a pixel generation girl.
I like drawing and painting, surfing and losting in pixels ocean, watching weird movies and being inspired.
I studied Art and currently live in Milan, Italy but for a few months i'll stay in Japan, Tokyo.
I love japan subculture underground, many of my works are very influenced by japan weird things, internet, pixel and children.

Oil colours, little bones and candyfloss.
Miss Salopette’s desk is brimful: next to her oil colours you could find a can of candyfloss with little bones, which by the way remind of her sharp fingers a lot.
The characters Miss Salopette paints are usually children, sometimes girls. Their bodies are soft and their eyes round and big; their shape has the reassuring trait of infancy, but their gaze is vacuous. They are infant in their looks, and adult in their feeling.
Various objects orbit in the surrounding cosmos: puppets, sweets, eye bulbs, or guts, with a sweet cat eating them as they spill out of its owner’s belly, while she’s committing
harakiri. The figures are never placed in a precise setting, they’re suspended in time and space. Every one represents a feeling, a mood, or a moment.
There’s a movement which leads towards escapism and dream: but behind the empty eyes flows a clear feeling, so direct it takes you strongly back to reality.
Miss Salopette’s work is built on multiple references, like Eastern and Western iconography, horror and gore, childhood, cinema, deviations.

Miss Salopette (pseudonym of Mery Sinatra) was born in 1985 in Milan, where she studied, lives and works. She spent a few months in Japan, and she wants to go back. Her techniques are drawing, and acrylic, oil and digital painting. Her works’ aesthetics is close to that of lowbrow, new pop influenced by japanese pop, and Superflat.

(article wrote by Martina Valla)